About The Leslie Street Spit Project

What a story! About a tiny collective of covert artists being flat out ambushed by a place which seemed at the start not much more than a wild park for walking, biking, jogging or bird watching.  Ah, but wait!  

I am one of them who had no clue what we were on the threshold of, no idea that I was on the brink of a head over heels fall, and no idea of the many things both tangible and intangible waiting to be discovered.

 If someone had told me in 2008 when we began, that by 2012 this magical place would have succeeded in its seduction so completely that I would be in symptoms of withdrawal if I were kept from my working visits, I would have laughed them out of the room. But that was then. And here we are, at this moment of writing it is July, 2016. I'll explain.

There are places in the world that are felt as “thin”. According to Celtic spirituality, in thin places there is not much space between heaven and earth.  They are places of transformation and transcendence where we are jolted out of old ways of seeing and knowing, where footholds are challenged. There is a transformative magic about such places. An indefinable something tells you that you are in the presence of something of enormous significance. Welcome to The Leslie Street Spit in Toronto, Canada.

About Us

We are interested in Jungian thought and in creative connection. If not the first, Carl Jung was certainly one of the first to name "creativity" an instinct.  The happy consequence of this naming is that none of us is exempt! 

In tracking the creative instinct and later in making story-conversations with it, we have chosen to work under the pseudonym: The Stealth Art Collective because there are times when "personal names" get in the way.

"Yes! Bubbles"  was another of our interactive community art projects. It included a FB page. To view,  please click here.


Although we work as a collective, we've decided that our story is best told by one of us and that we'll avoid confusion by writing in the first person.  We hope that you will enjoy your travels with us.  Please check out the 'about' tab for background to our adventures on The Leslie Street Spit.